Talking to people

Lab talks

  1. J. Larsson, Grid-adaptation for wall-modeled large eddy simulations, Seminar at LANL (09/22/2022).
  2. I. Bermejo-Moreno, Numerical study of shock waves interacting with turbulent boundary layers developed over flexible panels, Virtual seminar at SNL (03/10/2020).
  3. Q. Wang, Can a butterfly in Brazil control the climate of Texas? Do numerical simulations capture the statistics of chaotic systems?, Virtual seminar at SNL (02/2020). PDF
  4. J. Larsson, Grid-adaptation for large eddy simulations: a sequence of ideas over five years, Virtual seminar at LANL (10/01/2020), LLNL (01/27/2021), SNL (02/17/2021).


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