The Hybrid code solves the compressible Navier-Stokes equations for a calorically perfect gas with power-law viscosity-temperature relationships. It uses stretched Cartesian grids and high-order numerics. The code is written in C++ and is shared through GitLab upon request.


  • archive is a simple script for version control suitable for a single user. It is much simpler than git and has nowhere near the same functionality; I personally use it in addition to git, for keeping track of changes while I’m making changes to the code (i.e., before declaring my changes complete and committing to git).


  • initialTransientEstimate.m estimates the length of the initial transient (‘burn-in time’) in a signal based on the MSER statistic and some heuristics about the initial transient in the variance.
  • stderrorEstimate.m estimates the standard error in the sample mean and sample variance using the method of batch means and batch correlations by Russo & Luchini (2017).
  • smoothCurve.m smooths data to a length scale which may be uniform, linearly varying, or arbitrarily varying.
  • minMaxOfCurves.m takes multiple curves (defined as (x,y) arrays) as input, finds a common x array, and then finds the min/max y on this common x amongst all curves. This can be useful when plotting shaded regions showing the spread amongst multiple cases, or similar.